Polaris Firmware Upgrades Available

HIMS, Inc. has just announced the May 2019 firmware release for the Polaris. This update contains new features that simply cannot be found in any other notetakers.

Google Drive Integration

The Polaris was already the most user-friendly notetaker on the market, and it just got better. The Google Drive integration in this firmware release creates a new folder in the File Manager that syncs to your Google Drive account. After signing in, you can copy and paste files into the folder and it will sync to Google Drive automatically. Now all of your files can be up to date on any device.

Google Search

Skip the clutter when searching the internet with the all-new Google Search integration on the Polaris. Our interface is easy to use and saves you time. Simply type your search and get results in an easy to navigate list. When you find the result you want, just hit Enter to be taken to that website. It’s just that easy!

Upgrade Today!

You can find resources for updating your Polaris Firmware on the HIMS website by clicking here.