Meet Stephanie: ATR’s Customer Relations Consultant

Stephanie Klas received her Master’s Degree in Social Work at the University of Wisconsin Madison. She then subsequently received her Masters of Business Administration from Devry University, Keller School of Management. 

Her interest in adaptive technology began in 2002 when her son was diagnosed with bilateral optic nerve atrophy, a low vision condition. She quickly became proficient at researching and identifying technology solutions which would allow her son equal access to educational materials, and enable him to keep up academically with his peers. She has extensive personal experience with text to speech solutions, computer personalization, access to Bookshare, CCTV’s, low vision resources, and iOS applications. 

Stephanie has worked in various hospitals as a Social Worker and also at Apple Retail for three years. At Apple, she was initially a specialist, explaining the benefits and functions of Apple products and handling consumer sales. She was promoted to the Creative position where her focus was individual and group training. She completed an intensive program in Cupertino focusing on individual and group facilitation techniques for different learning styles. Her passion remained in assistive technology so she facilitated annual public accessibility events at the store. She has been asked to speak  about low vision and technology at events sponsored by Vision Forward, the Foundation for Fighting Blindness, and the Apple store.

Stephanie joined ATR as a Customer Relations Consultant in Nov 2015. Her focus is on supporting existing client relationships and building new ones. She works closely with educational institutions, government agencies, private companies, and individuals as they explore adaptive technology and find solutions for their unique needs. ATR’s team of professionals provide many product and service solutions, and Stephanie would be happy to explore them with you. 

“I have witnessed  first hand how technology can empower individuals and allow them to achieve their goals. Limitations are becoming obsolete and inclusive design is being embraced. It is truly exciting to be experiencing this era of unprecedented technology growth where mainstream solutions  are becoming more thoughtful and individuals have limitless possibilities. Imagination and drive propel us forward and I am humbled to be able to be part of creating and sharing equal access and opportunities for all.”

~Stephanie Klas