Meet Rick: President of ATR and licensed Occupational Therapist

Rick Ziller is a licensed Occupational Therapist who received a B.S. in Rehabilitative Science and a Master’s in Occupational Therapy from Concordia University. 

Rick began his career as a school based occupational therapist working with K-12 students with special needs. During that time he quickly realized his knowledge of technology was more than essential in the area of education, occupational therapy, and beyond. His time working in schools paved the way to his role as occupational therapist at ATR. While working the last several years as an occupational therapist for individuals with disabilities, Rick has experience in the following areas:

• Conducting AT evaluations for individuals with high-level special needs.

• Determining options in devices and services to suit clients’ educational, mobility, self-care, accessibility, sensory, and environmental needs.

• Analyzing physical limitation and creating custom solutions for technology access.

• Environmental modification to increase independence.

• Providing occupational, ergonomic, and self-care training.

• Referrals for a list of available solutions sources.

• Energy conservation & work simplification training

Rick is proficient in both Macintosh and Windows computers, has done an ergonomic analyses for a major manufacturer, and has experience adapting equipment to better suit the needs of those using it. Rick has a wide range of experience working with clients who have physical disabilities, visual impairments, and those clients with special needs, such as mobility impairments, cognitive and motor delays, traumatic brain injury, emotional disorders, autism, developmental delays, learning disabilities, and other health impairments. 

Rick trains clients in a variety of software including Microsoft’s suite of productivity applications, Macintosh applications, text-to-speech and speech-to-text software. He teaches groups of teachers and students in the use of adaptive technology. Rick performs adaptive technology assessments, troubleshooting and support for adaptive software and equipment. In addition, he specializes in unique custom solutions to further the independence of others often creating voice access systems that cater to the specific goals of his client. 

“I am humbled every day by the amazing people I am privileged to serve. Getting to know our clients and help them overcome barriers to independence inspires me to reach further in my own life. Seeing what others can accomplish with a little help and encouragement brings a perspective that may have otherwise taken years to experience. We live in a time where technological advancements are plentiful but not necessarily designed for those who need them most, and this where ATR can help. We simply translate technology into a usable form; re-purposing it to allow others to achieve their goals.”

~ Rick Ziller, President of ATR, MOTR/L