Free Webinar for Polaris and Polaris Mini

Free Video Webinar 10/29/18 for Polaris and Polaris Mini

Polaris and Mini

ATR is offering a free educational webinar to describe the uses of the BrailleSense Polaris and Polaris Mini from HIMS for students and teachers and those looking for assistance with personal tasks.  Our specific focus will be the new updates recently released in the HIMS Fall Firmware Upgrade that include additional tools for students.


POLARIS MATH: Polaris Math makes creating and adding advanced graphs into the Polaris Word Processor quick, easy, and effective. Graphs can be embossed, saved as braille files, and much more.


NOTEPAD: Our new Notepad is our latest text editor that works with text, Braille, EPUB and PDF files with a highly stable and responsive experience. Our updated Word Processor creates DOCX files and can edit both DOCX and DOC, and can view PowerPoint presentations.


Betsy Binney will be conducting this webinar on behalf of ATR.


The 60 minute Zoom Demonstration will be available on the following date and time:


Monday October 29th 12:00 P.M.


Registration is required by Thursday October 25th.  To sign up for the webinar, please click here.  You will be sent a response email with instructions on how to participate in the Zoom video conference.


For more information Contact Us at or 800-770-8474 Ext. 106.   Or, refer someone to ATR today online using the Referral Form.



More About Polaris & Polaris Mini:

For individuals with a visual impairment, BrailleSense Polaris and Polaris Mini from HIMS offer a new standard in blind-friendly applications with the latest in cutting edge technology including:

  • Robust productivity tools, whether you’re in the classroom, at your desk, or on the road
  • Organization and schedule management tools
  • Information and communication in the office, at home, or on-the-go; including special features for Deaf-Blind populations
  • Built in GPS

Advanced features specifically designed for students and teachers include:

  • Sophisticated Calculation and Composition offers fraction calculation, Nemath and UEB Braille code entry into a fully functional scientific calculator.  Teachers and students can share assignments and homework without their teacher needing to learn strange abbreviations and code words
  • Use the Sense Dictionary to ensure stylistic and accurate composition.  Includes Dictionary, Thesaurus, and optional English/Spanish, English/French, and English/Italian bilingual dictionaries
  • Play and navigate DAISY and NIMAS compatible digital talking books
  • Listen to and record FM radio
  • Search for and play videos on YouTube, or stream audio content
  • Certified to use all Google services, including the play store. Thus, users can choose from among the thousands of accessible Android apps and access them via Polaris’s intuitive screen reader.


About Betsy Binney:

Betsy received both her MBA and PhD from Marquette University in business, finance and economics.  In 2011, Betsy began providing assistive technology training to ATR clients in both Windows and Mac environments. For over nine years, Betsy had been the Director of Technology for the Wisconsin Council of the Blind & Visually Impaired in Madison, Wisconsin.


Over the years, Betsy has helped blind & visually impaired individuals use computers to enhance their lives and gain employment. Betsy developed distance learning courses for blind users; created & presented classes on Web site accessibility to corporate clients; and designed the Council’s online Sharper Vision Store.  She also served as Chair for the Assistive Technology Review Committee for Microsoft Corporation from 1995 to 2007. In addition, she has worked with blind and visually impaired individuals on basic daily living skills such as home organization, identification of home appliances, personal care, and recreational activities.  She initiated and led more than nine low vision support groups in Wisconsin.