NEW! Eye-Pal Ace Plus Version 2.0

If you have not already heard, the Eye-Pal Ace Plus version 2.0 was released on November 1st!  The Eye-Pal Ace Plus features all the Eye-Pal Ace functions PLUS the ability to communicate via email, and download books and news!  An easy to use solution for all people!

The New Ace Plus software version (2.0) features:  

  • Improved document management system for saving, emailing and recalling documents
  • Ability to stay on top of the news by downloading your favorite publications from NFB Newsline®
  • Option to plug in USB keyboard for character entry

More great reasons to check out this versatile solution:

Computer Alternative: This truly unique combination of a creative hardware design and software features bundled together in one portable, battery-operated and lightweight personal assistant. It is a simplified alternative to a computer for people who are computer averse or simply not ready to use it.

Solution for many: The new Eye Pal Ace Plus addresses the needs of a broad spectrum of people: those who are blind or deaf-blind; those with low vision; seniors, as well as working-age people for whom this device could be a convenient and comfortable-to-use addition to the use of a computer.

Ease of Use: Its “guide-like” structured environment provides for simple repetitive actions that do not change while using different modules unlike the tricky, often confusing and periodically changing environments of tablets, such as ubiquitous IPADs.

Stay in Touch: The simplified e-mail module, coupled with the NFB Newsline® and Bookshare modules, promotes communication among friends, family and caregivers. It also allows people with visual impairment to stay relevant, be socially aware and involved. In short, it promotes independent and fulfilled lives in contrast to depression, idleness and isolation.

Online Reader: Daisy navigation of the NFB Newsline® is easy and also provides those who are deaf-blind accessibility to publications. Use of the Daisy arrow buttons help to read newspapers and periodicals by section, story, or paragraph. Anyone already familiar with the Victor Reader Stream device can quickly learn to navigate local and national publications. Many end-users remarked how excited they felt to be able to read once again their local paper.

Customizable to each user: Trainers like the ability to customize the menu options to match the skill level of the end-user. Persons with memory issues can start with a simple menu and build skills and confidence. Later, add another menu module to master additional functions. This allows for positioning the product to a wide range of people and abilities. In addition, trainers like the modularity of the menu because it helps them to document student performance.

Connects to a Braille Display: Ace Plus connects to a  Braille display and can be customized to enable easy, individual-dependent training.

Affordable: The ICANConnect grant, FCC-enabled Deaf-Blind National Distribution Program will pay for the Eye-Pal Ace Plus, since it opens the door to e-mail communication. Users can send e-mail messages through a recorded voice attachment and receive a text reply that will be read aloud, displayed on the device’s 10-inch screen or accessed through a refreshable Braille display.

Order online at  For a free on-site demonstration, Contact ATR today at 800-770-8474 ext. 106 or Email at .

Adaptive Technology Resources, ATR, of Southeastern Wisconsin provides adaptive products and services for clients with special needs, and also conducts professional evaluations by ATP* certified Occupational Therapists.  ATR specializes in educational solutions, including Kurzweil 3000, firefly, Audio Notetaker, and Dragon Naturally Speaking and offers individual and group professional development for a variety of software and hardware solutions.