Webinar: Introduction to Audio Notetaker, a New Approach to Traditional Note-Taking

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Accommodation models are not effective for the majority of students with disabilities. If a student with a disability only has a copy of another student’s notes or notes from an instructor, they may be missing out on the critical active learning that occurs during the note-taking process; thinking about the information, sorting it, writing it down, evaluating importance and synthesizing with other related course material. As a result, traditional note-taking accommodations may not be the most effective accommodation model.

This leads to the following questions: If a school provides a student with notes he/she can’t read, does a school actually create barriers to success? Has the playing field accidentally been tilted? Many students who use notetaking as an accommodation also struggle with reading comprehension, dyslexia, and other print disabilities. Audio Notetaking software is a compelling, effective alternative to traditional print notes.

This webinar features an introduction to Audio Notetaker. Nick Hanford, Manager of Educational Sales and Training at ATR, will demonstrate Audio Notetaker and will briefly discuss different ways the tool can be used.

Webinar Dates and Times (Central Time):

Thursday, May 29th 11:00am -12:00pm CST Register Now!

Tuesday, June 24th 12:00pm – 1:00pm CST Register Now!

Wednesday,July 16th 12:30pm – 1:30pm CST Register Now!

Tuesday, August 12th 11:45am – 12:45pm CST Register Now!

To learn more about Audio Notetaker, Watch an Introduction Video from Sonocent, the manufacturer’s of Audio Notetaker.  Hear about Audio Notetaker from a Student’s Perspective.

Adaptive Technology Resources, ATR, of Southeastern Wisconsin provides adaptive products and services for clients with special needs, and also conducts professional evaluations by ATP* certified Occupational Therapists.  ATR specializes in educational solutions, including Kurzweil 3000, firefly, Audio Notetaker, and Dragon Naturally Speaking and offers individual and group professional development for a variety of software and hardware solutions.

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